Bunk Beds with StairsWhat should you look for when choosing bunk beds with stairs for your children? It may depend on how old they are as well as their size. No matter what other factors you are deciding on, one of the most important is the safety of the beds, followed by how long they can be expected to last in your home and then finally the appearance. It doesn’t matter how pretty they are if they are not safe for your children.

Safety Features that Your Beds Must Have

When you start shopping, the first thing you must look is the construction of the piece. Exposed bolts or screws can lead to scratches and may mean that it is not all that sturdy. If you are buying a piece that will be put together at your own home, look at the sample piece to see how connections are made and how strong the unit will be when erected. If there are any fears that you cannot handle putting the piece together correctly and safely, it is best to consider hiring someone to do it or buying one that is already together when it is delivered.

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In addition, look at the connection between the bed and the stairs so that you can be sure that these are safe as well. The majority of injuries occur when the child is climbing up or down from them. Look at the distance between the stairs as well to be sure that they are not spread too far which can also increase the risk of injury.

Durability Matters

In addition to safety, durability is another factor to consider. Most people buy a bed that is meant to last for at least several years. The length of time that it will last in your home may depend on the height/weight of your children as well as how rough they are. It is important to remember that many may be restricted by weight and not necessarily by ages. Choose yours accordingly. If your child needs one that is designed for older and bigger people, then that is what you need to buy.

Appearance is Important

Finally, appearance matters to your child- some more than others. They want to have nice looking furniture in their room even if the floor is littered with their dirty socks and cast off school clothes. Wooden versions are classic and will stand the test of time, watching a never ending parade of posters grace the bedroom walls through cartoons to heartthrobs. Metal bunk beds with stairs are also attractive and typically come in a number of colors making them an excellent choice as well.

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