Bed RailsWith the baby boomer generation quickly entering retirement age and more and more people becoming convalescent in their own homes it may now be time to consider adding bed rails as an addition to your sleeping environment. Many beds can either be modified to accept them or may come with or have an option available for purchase to add to a standard bed. It is prudent for the aging senior to educate themselves on the possible interventions which can increase their safety and quality of life.

There is another group of people who may benefit in addition to the elderly. This group is the very young. When toddlers are past the crib stage but may still turn or fall uncontrollably during the night instead of sleeping soundly they become a very prudent investment for any parent. With a small investment in time and money the addition of these to your youngsters bed can be accomplished quickly and easily.

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The safety and convenience of these rails cannot be overstated as they can be added initially when the child is young and then as they grow and mature can be removed to foster a sense of independence in the child once they sleep soundly through the night. They can even help with older children who might suffer from sleepwalking. As a simple matter of restraint to prevent the quick release from the bed environment these may even prevent a case of somnambulance from ever occurring in the first place.

Due to their low cost, ease of installation and ability to be quickly removed once circumstances change they may be considered for almost any household. One should be aware of possible down sides however. There is a low but present rate of entrapment experienced by sleepers when used. One should not be worried about this as the rate is quite low, however information from the Food and Drug administration has been published to provide guidance and suggestions to reduce the already low incidence of this possible consequence of their use. In any event there is very little cause for concern and those who do have issues or concerns can address most of these via education and research on how to safely install and use.

You should also be aware that bed rails have been used by many age groups, in many settings both across America and throughout the world. From the youngest toddlers to our aging population they make a smart investment by caregivers when there is any concern about the wellbeing of the sleeper. Easy installation and quick removal aid in reacting to changing circumstances. Compared to many other types of interventions such as medication or surgery make them the ideal choice for the concerned caregiver.

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